Vis Major

A SciFi Novelette

A research ship maintaining a security watch on a developing planet is pummeled by an unexpected solar flare and collision with one of its service drones. With communications destroyed and their only means of power generation damaged, the ship must land and obtain materials for makeshift repairs if they are to return home. But the planet is inhabited by a post-industrial species who must be protected from the knowledge of the spacefarers and their advanced technology at all costs. Unable to call for help and running out of power, the ship's captain faces a terrible choice: risk contamination of the planet he is sworn to protect or destroy his ship and crew. He and his crew enter a race to surreptitiously gather the needed materials and affect repairs and depart before the natives discover their existence and landing place.

Explore the Engage at Dawn: First Contact story from the aliens' perspective.  This soft sci-fi story arc was originally a part of the novel but was compelling enough to stand on its own. 

Read the Ebook exclusively on Amazon Kindle.


"Must Read!"

"Vis Major has engaging characters and an exciting plot that grabbed me from the opening line - 'It was not just a routine solar flare.'"


"This story can be read as a prequel to Engage at Dawn: First Contact, it certainly piqued my interest, or as a side story to it. The primary work approaches this story from a completely different point-of-view. I recommend Vis Major to readers that like their SciFi to have some tech talk along with emotional interaction between characters. This short novelette has both."

- Originally published on Reedsy Discovery.


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